Hey do you like adventure. Do you like the outdoors. Do you like exploring the place where you live. Do you like seeing where other people spend their time if you don’t get a chance to be there. Do you like seeing different parts of the world. Well that’s where our channels about we’re going to bring you stories about the outdoors in the woods whether it’s fishing or hunting or hiking or maybe going on a exploration through the Canadian wilderness.

There’s so many different things that we plan to do on our channel and the things that we’re already doing. I’m asking you to simply to come on and subscribe. We are not a Travel Channel. We are a manufacturer of CORE ICE fish houses. We make a trailer that is suitable for winter camping camping in the summertime. It’s suitable for traveling across the country. We are going to go out and show you all the different experiences you could have. With the CORE ICE fish house.

That can be used for about anything out there. There’s a lot of things that we haven’t shown you yet and there a lot of things that we’re bringing out to the market..and there’s going to be some cool stuff, that you get to see develop as you become a subscriber and be a part of our experience. We just want to share it with you. So thank you for coming and checking us out and thank you for subscribing. Tell a friend and leave in your comments below where you might want to see us take some challenges and explore the world with you.