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INTELLI-CORE panel technology gives you the lightest product in the marketplace which is also completely waterproof inside and out. A real insulated value of R-9 for the floor and walls long with a R-15 roof gives you the best insulated trailer on the market. Easier to move, easier to clean, easier to heat/cool, giving you more time to enjoy your next adventure!

Non-Skid and Insulated Floor

The INTELLI-CORE panel used to make your floor has a textured surface that is non-skid whether it is wet or dry. It is also easy to clean, just take a pressure washer to it if needed. The interior is waterproof, so have at it. Also, with a R-9 insulation rating, you can stay comfortable with warm feet on a dry floor.


No longer do you have to make permanent decisions as to where to locate your rattle reels, rod holders, side tables, etc. The CORE Rail installed at the mid-line of the trailer and up at the ceiling allows you to hang components anywhere you want. You can quickly and easily move them from spot to spot, out of the way for storage, or change out items for different seasons giving you maximum flexibility.

Interior Perimeter Lighting

Surround yourself with 360 degrees of LED lighting that eliminates shadowing and the need for hole lights entirely. As a standard feature, the lighting is also on a dimmer control so you can dial in just the right amount of light for your conditions and also allows you maximum control over your amperage draw on the battery. The diffuser lens over the lights gives a very upscale and clean look to the interior or your trailer.

Standard Electrical Package

Our standard electrical package found on all models gives you the capability you need. You get a 35 amp power center connected to a shore power plug on the exterior of the trailer. For lighting, enjoy dimmable interior and exterior perimeter LED lighting, front and rear LED work and load lights, and all LED trailer road lighting. On the interior you’ll find a back lit switch panel, battery disconnect switch, USB and 12 V charge ports, volt meter, 110V outlet, and auxiliary power ran throughout the trailer so you can quickly and easily connect additional charge ports, fans, and additional accessories.

Custom Outfit Packages

With an extensive options list, you can configure your Adventure Trailer any way you like. We offer furniture options including pedestal mount boat seats, wall mount sofas, jack knife sofas, trifold sofas, and dinette and bunk bed combos to satisfy any need. Add to that our options for stereos, TVs, cooking appliances, air conditioning, and you can be set up for every occasion.

PVC Cabinetry

All of our cabinetry is custom designed in house and then cut on a CNC router to give you a perfect fit. We use PVC board to build our cabinets which gives you a waterproof product that is lighter weight than wood and will not rot or form mold and mildew.

Automotive Style Wire Harness

Trailer wiring may be the number one quality issue in the industry today. We solve this problem by utilizing a full production wire harness similar to what is found in your car. The harness utilizes heat shrunk connectors and is wrapped in wire loom to protect it from the surroundings. Our harnesses are built to a fully detailed wire schematic so you know where every inch of wire goes and you have full access to the wiring as we do not bury wiring in the walls.

Hybrid Wheel/Skid System

This patent pending design gives you the best of both worlds. No longer do you have to own an additional trailer to transport you skid house. No longer do you have to miss the early ice season with your wheel house. Put your lightweight tow vehicle in the trailer and at the landing, hook that to your wheel and skid house and be the first on the ice, the fastest on the ice, and the last off. Skid mode is functional with or without the running gear removed.

Aluminum Gorilla Spaceframe

Not only do we use Military grade aluminum in our construction, we also use tubes which are taller and wider than the competition which results in a stronger and stiffer structure. On top of that, we structurally bond our INTELLI-CORE panel floor which greatly increases the strength and stiffness of the frame structure. This means less flex and fatigue on the welds which results in a much longer lifespan.

Simple Lift/Lower System

We utilize the fastest electric jack on the market to lift and lower the front end which also has multiple memory settings and an auto retract feature. We couple this with pipe mount jacks for the rear corners that use a 5/8″ socket on a drill to quickly and safely lift and lower the trailer. There are no cables or straps that can break and no winch handle that can break loose. The trailer can never fall to the ground! The jacks double as stabilizer jacks for loading/unloading and store inside the trailer to keep them out of the elements.

Exterior Perimeter Lighting

Light up the night with full perimeter LED lighting around the exterior of your trailer. These dimmable lights allow you to easily see when you raise or lower the trailer, fish tip-ups at night, create a beacon on the lake so you can find your way back, and allows you to illuminate your campsite as well. The left and right sides are switched independently giving you even more flexibility.

Color Matched Doors

Not only do your entry and ramp doors come color matched as a standard feature, they are also constructed out of INTELLI-CORE panels meaning they are lighter weight, stronger, and better insulated than the standard RV style doors found on the other brands.

Thermal Dual Pane Windows

The windows in your trailer are dual pane RV style slider windows with a dark tint to them. We use RV style windows as they are designed to travel down bumpy roads and lake approaches without breaking. Your trailer comes with two windows standard with the window on the driver’s side being an egress Exit window.



Tough, waterproof, easy to clean, and a superior finish is what you should expect from CORE ICE.  You will enjoy the same experience with countertops that are designed to last and hold up to extreme conditions.

Spear Hole

Our spear holes have a superior seal and are simple to open. With the strength of the INTELLI-CORE panels, the spear hole panel will not sag or break down over time. Waterproof flooring and materials will allow you to spear in your CORE for years to come.

Bluetooth Power


CORE ICE leads the way in technology on all fronts. Connect through your smartphone to your CORE and be able to turn on and off the lights, adjust the jacks, operate the awning, adjust the power lift bed, and more.


The CORE difference lives in a mindset that a product with wheels should be designed and manufactured like a vehicle and not like a house. From pot holes to road chemicals, subzero temperatures to the peak heat of summer, an ice house sees it all. It is a tough life, so the materials and techniques used to build a durable and easy to maintain product need to be made carefully.

At CORE we utilize over a half century of experience designing and manufacturing vehicles from automotive to powersports to commercial turf. The result is a product that embodies many attributes new to the Ice House industry, but not to transportation. Our products are designed to be lightweight, durable and extremely easy to use and maintain. They are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of the road and trail while withstanding the assault of the elements during the extremes of winter. No, this product is not built like a house because a house is not designed to survive this type of punishment.

We were the first to bring you a complete composite panel constructed ice house. Our INTELLI-CORE Panel technology used in our walls, floors and roof provides incredible strength, industry leading thermal efficiency and low weight. It is easy to clean and maintain and will not absorb water. We do not use wood in our construction. Wood is prone to water absorption, mold, mildew, and rot in the extreme ice fishing environment. There is no way around this. No other manufacturer offers anything close when you consider all the advantages of the INTELLI-CORE panel construction. All our cabinetry is built from exterior grade PVC sheet to provide decades of use and eliminate mold and mildew common with wood products. Yes, we all like the look of wood in our homes, but in a product built for the rigors of the road it simply does not stand the test of time. There is a reason you do not find real wood in your pick-up or SUV. These are the same reasons you will not find wood in a CORE.

A CORE subframe is built from high strength aluminum alloy. We chose aluminum for lightweight and corrosion resistance. Properly designed aluminum frames will be more expensive, but they provide overall lower weight and have an advantage that once they oxidize, the corrosion process stops. With steel the rust will fall off and corrosion will continue. In an attempt to solve this issue, all steel frames are painted. A major flaw in this plan is the fact that the corrosive winter road chemicals and abrasion of lowering the units on the ice or ground will damage the paint requiring continual touch-ups to keep the corrosion under control. Too much work in our opinion. Therefore, we believe the investment for an all-aluminum subframe construction is one worth making.

We spend a lot of time trying to make the experience better for all customers. Design elements like our interior LED perimeter lighting which virtually eliminates shadows and dark spots. The exterior LED perimeter lighting standard on all units. The winter days are short, so the exterior lighting is important for ease of use and safety. Our lifting systems utilize standard lift jack technology that is tried and true and do not include cables or straps which require careful maintenance and inspection. Another innovation is our standard CORE Rail system included in every unit allowing you to easily accessorize and reconfigure the unit as you desire. Our floor system combines an industry exclusive tractive surface that is waterproof and well insulated. We believe our surface is the best in the industry and the insulation under the floor is sealed and protected with a full fiberglass surface to stand the test of time. When comparing brands look underneath and you decide which will last longer.

Speaking of insulation, our INTELLI-CORE panels have a real R-value rating of 9 in the walls and floor and 15 in the roof. We say real as we do not require studs in our construction which are direct leak paths for hot and cold energy to pass through which reduces the overall R rating of the wall. We do not create moisture on or in our wall systems as a result of the panel construction. You may have seen or experienced other products that have moisture lines or ice forming along the studs in the walls. That is the heat from your interior taking a direct route out of your ice house.

Yet another difference is our choices in furniture. With every CORE you can choose matching custom upholstered furniture made of marine grade vinyl. We have numerous options including Attwood Centric boat seats. These are likely the same seats you use in your open water fishing boat. They are comfortable and provide the freedom to move and turn easily while fishing.

Finally, we give you the same freedoms to roam the frozen lake as you do open water fishing by combining the right powersports product with the right CORE ICE adventure trailer. No longer do you have to rely on plowed roads or fear moving beyond the path already taken. With the right combination, getting to the fishing hole can be as fun as the fishing itself. This is a feeling only known to those who previously fished from portables, but in doing so they faced all the challenges of the cold and wind. With a CORE, you can be on the fish in comfort!

At CORE, we live every day to find new ways to make your experience better, give you more time to do what you love and minimize the need for maintenance and repairs.

We hope you will give us consideration on your next purchase. We encourage you to visit one of our awesome dealers and to take a look. We are confident you will see the CORE difference.



The CORE Team


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